2019 Robert Moulton path

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The Robert Moulton path over the railway embankment between the Veenweg (left) and Voorbancken (right). If you click on the map on the engine and the memorials, you will be taken to the respective page with the description of these objects. This doesn’t mostly work properly if you’re using a mobile phone or a tablet.


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The section of the railway line that was located in the former municipality of Wilnis is named after the pilot of the Vickers Wellington. On April 29, 2019, the Canadian ambassador to the Netherlands, Sabine Nölke, and Mayor Maarten Divendal unveiled the nameplate and the (temporary) information board of the Robert Moultonpad. In August 2019, two definitive information signs were placed on the path: 1) near the former Wilnis railway station and 2) on the other side of the N212 towards Vinkeveen near the Station 2006 bridge (north side parking lot of the cemetery).

The path runs from the Veenweg (Wilnis) to Voorbancken (Vinkeveen) and is approx. 2 km long. The Canadian pilot was killed in 1943 when he was shot down over Wilnis with his Vickers Wellington bomber.

The path is located halfway between the Memorial in Wilnis village and the Gedenkzuil (number 4) at the roundabout Mijdrechtse Dwarsweg / Ir. Enschedeweg (N212).


Robert Moulton path over the railway embankment in Wilnis. The name and information board are located near the former Wilnis railway station. In August 2019, the new information board was placed on the right side of the photo. Click on the photo to enlarge.

In connection with this Robert Moulton path…

Near the scene of the accident (at the roundabout):
In Wilnis village:
3. Memorial to the fallen Canadian soldiers and their graves in the adjacent cemetery of the NH church.

Information board Robert Moulton path (version August 2019) along the path to the left of Wilnis station. The arrow indicates the location (behind the trees) where the aircraft crashed: to the left of the N212 just past the roundabout there. To the left of the entrance to the P+R car park (at the roundabout), is the associated Memorial Column Vickers Wellington and since 26 September 2019 one of the engines of the aircraft.

Information board (version August 2019) of the Robert Moulton path. Click on the image to enlarge the text.

The second information sign (highlighted) at the entrance to the Robert Moulton path at the cemetery parking lot. The down arrow indicates the location where the aircraft crashed further down the road: to the left of the N212 just past the roundabout there.